The joy of having focus at the start means that you do have a focus. — Hazel Marshall

So you’ve got something to focus on. But you do need to stay quite flexible. Things will change. But having sought a round story right from the start means you’ve probably already thought of quite a few of the different possibilities.

«Storytelling is an absolute balance of instinct and analysis.» – Hazel Marshall

a story is the same, whether it’s two minutes or six hours. There are certain common elements that are true in any story. You have to set up something that you answer at the end, which I know sounds incredibly simplistic. But what quite often happens is people might set one thing up and then veer to answer something else. And then, they might come back to the original question. You need to be quite strong about what it is that you want to answer. You need to have a character and something has to happen. You can’t just have beautiful pictures. So characters, incidents, which is something has to happen, and making sure it’s structured in a way that is clear is what you need to do, I think, for a shorter form.


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