Wizardly Writing (and Rewriting and Rewriting) Talent: Even Aaron Sorkin admits that he has many more “off ” writer days than days when he’s totally on and in the zone. And yet, a TV series is like a monster that must constantly consume new story and new scripts . . . so you need to keep writing to meet the schedule no matter what. Having a well-toned writing muscle and the discipline to crank out new material and “bring up” scripts in need of revision—and fast—is a crucial skill for every writer and/or producer on staff. I always tell my TV writing students that the best way to succeed on a writing staff is the ability to hand in solid first drafts (that require only minimal revisions). Showrunner Kevin Williamson, a self proclaimed “control freak” (so you know it’s true) doesn’t care about your personality to be on his writing staff — if you can deliver a great script every time you’re up at bat—which is extremely difficult to accomplish and a rare commodity in the episodic TV business.



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