TV Pilot: efficiency, density, and twists

  • open any pilot—half-hour or hourlong—with a bang
  • The 5 crucial elements your first 10 pages absolutely must contain (?)
  • know your pilot’s audience and write specifically for them
  • When and when not to mix genres (?)
  • build a complex protagonist with a flaw that can never be solved…yet we root for them anyway
  • Secrets to designing supporting supporting characters who enhance your protagonist’s issues
  • identify a powerful theme you can return to again and again
  • The key to juggling A, B, and C stories cleanly
  • Techniques for building the world of your show, whether it’s in the modern day, future, or past
  • Write a cliffhanger that leaves your audience dying for episode 2
  • amp up the stakes even on page 1, then crank them even higher in each act
  • Use your passion, interests, and life experience to enhance your connection with the reader
  • The 3 differences between amateur and professional writers’ pilots: efficiency, density, and twists


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